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Cash-Back on Every Purchase!


Buying a home has changed over the years.  Today, much of the hard work finding the perfect home is done by you, the buyer. 


Sunland Realty realizes how much time and effort the buyer commits to their home purchase.  Buying a home also has many additional costs, including legal fees and inspections.  Sunland Realty also realizes that, in addition to the price of the home, a purchase can be expensive. 


To reward the buyer and help with the costs, Sunland Realty offers cash back to all buyers.  Depending on the property, cash back could be worth thousands to you!   


     For example*:

   $200,000 purchase, cash-back $1,000.00

  $300,000 purchase, cash-back $2,000.00

$400,000 purchase, cash-back $3,000.00

    *terms and conditions apply


As you can see, the cash-back is significant.  Contact us to see how much you qualify for.


Sunland Realty...Buying Smarter!



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